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I am Toma, a graphic artist, printmaker and art director. My professional background and interests are spread out across projects in graphic design, book design and illustration. I love typography, books, paper, layouts, inks and printmaking rollers.


I earned a Bachelor’s degree in sociology at Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania. It was the start of my path as an artist. Then the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree studies in printmaking at Vilnius Academy of Arts, followed. Though it is not a typical combination of studies, it gives me additional tools to explore new contexts and combine critical thinking, sociological knowledge and visual feeling.


I have participated in the internship at AGA LAB, Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier in the Netherlands, where I worked with classical printmaking techniques and have led linocut workshops.


I love working with other artists and designers. For the first year art students at Vilnius Academy of Art, I led the linocut technique workshops and tutored students’ creative projects at Nida Art Colony, Lithuania. 


As an art director, together with a team of designers at Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, I have implemented various branding and graphic design projects. I have also created a visual identity for the art exhibitions at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania.

My expertise is in: brand visual identity; book, magazine, catalogue and poster design; illustrations; digital design.

I love working in the fields of culture, art, education and branding.


Currently, I work as a freelance graphic designer and art director in commercial and self-initiated art and research-based projects.


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